Learning to Unlearn: An Activation ✨

Recorded just over a week ago on the First Friday of May, I went LIVE! on the Mama J Love Consulting Facebook page to share:

  • what I am learning to unlearn;
  • how I’m going about it with specific resources and tools (plus links below);
  • why I’m no longer waiting to activate my soul’s work; and
  • And, much more!

You can catch the full video below ?

Published when the sky is at its darkest—a New Moon ?

Front and center on my mind is Harro’s (2008) Cycle of Liberation, she states:

Liberation is a practice of love. It is developing a sense of self that we can love, and learning to love others with their differences from us.

We are not alone. Our liberation is interconnected. Let’s get free together ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

What are YOU waiting for?

In lovelution ?

P.S. Save the Date ? The next session of Learning to Unlearn will be Fri, 6/1 on the Mama J Love Consulting Facebook page at 12pm PST.

Resources Mentioned:

+ “I Don’t See Color” Challenging Assumptions about Discussing Race with Young Children

+ White Dominant Culture Practices & Something Different Top 5

+ Cycle of Liberation by Bobbie Harro

+ Praxis of Persistence (Mama J Loveframework)

Manifesting a Revised Vision

As I feel the release of Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio, I still feel:

Why is this significant?

Because I’m stepping into the magic of knowing what I need as I complete my 7th cycle of the year. Yep, that’s right…using your birthdate as the starting point, marking every seven weeks as the beginning of a new cycle. As such, bringing a shift in energy and focus. Want to learn more about your personal energy patterns? Click here to learn more from my brilliant friend Ruth McCants.

Based on this knowledge, this is what I know…

I am in my 7th cycle-—a time to reflect and share a revised vision!

Watch a below for more details:

Let me know in the comments, what are you manifesting with the release of the recent Full Moon?

In lovelution…

What’s Your Dream Pie?!

Here’s One Way to Create It…

Now that Spring has sprung ?, a burst of renewed energy has been activated. As I have manifested seeds planted last Fall I am simultaneously planting the seeds that I will harvest next Fall. Can you relate?! If so, keep reading!

img_6686-1I am giving you (and honestly myself) permission to dream amidst the “busy” (see Lesson 15: Busy & Balance is Bullshit) buzz ? of Spring. I currently have my feet in two worlds—one wrapping up the school year and another making plans for the 2018-19 school year. As such, I too am dreaming? about what’s possible and how I’d like my work to shift.

The process* that follows is informed by my own need and desire to create my dream pie for 2018-19. Because intention is everything. Goals are attainable.  This is at the ♥ of Intentional Justice™ or what I’ve defined as bite-sized and deliberate action EVERYBODY damn day!

This process is an Intentional Justice™ activity because it guides you with bite-sized and deliberate action toward your dream pie. Yep, because who doesn’t love pie?! (If not, #sorrynotsorry). The point is these reflective prompts give you permission to assess what’s working (and not) because let’s be honest, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. Believe me, I know

What you’ll need:

  • Paper / Notebook / Post-Its ?
  • Pen or markers ?
  • Your creativity
  • A dose of heart, soul, and a lotta Truth ?

To begin, what are you currently loving right NOW?

Don’t overthink it, seriously! Set a timer on your phone for 5 to answer the above Q and no more than 2 minutes each for each of the categories below (or 15 minutes total):

As it relates to…

  • Your home and family
  • Your career / job / professional path
  • Your health and body
  • Your finances and prosperity
  • Your essence and spirituality

Then spend another 10-15 minutes with 3 of my favorite meeting check-in Qs:

  • What’s exciting you in your life?
  • What’s sparking your FIRE ?
  • What has you persisting because of what you love?

Congrats ?You’ve completed Part 1 because if you’re anything like me, which no pressure if you’re not because I ❤️ diversity, that the above will give you plenty to think about, marinate on, and process. That said, give yourself the time to do so. Then move to Part 2.

What follows I’ll designate as Part 2, which simply means you’ve taken a short break in between (at the very least 15-20 minutes or a walk around the block) or you give yourself a day or two, a week or a month to swim in what has surfaced.

The point is when YOU feel ready take the 3 bite-sized steps outlinedbelow, you’ll putting one foot in front of the next ? towards your dream pie. Because to create a life by design, YOU get to choose your Dream Pie ?

Create Your Own Adventure img_1930

You now get to choose how much time to you allocate for each step. I do recommend setting a timer and sticking to it though if you get stuck. You get to choose!

1. Name your “Love Buckets” ?

These are the main themes of your work that you couldn’t imagine not doing or even long to do. Either way, remember, you get to choose. It’s often a healthy mix of both. If it feels easier to start with what feels like a struggle, then jump to #2. Yet, only if you promise yourself that you’ll return to #1 afterward. Here are two prompts to get the juices flowing along with my fav resources:

I was honored to share my unique intersectional framework as a teacher in the Compass Rose Summit (missed it? You can still sign-up to access the video teaching herel!) Wanna discover and claim your superpowers?! ?✨? Click here or copy/paste this address: http://mamajlove.com/your-superpowers/

2. Claim the 20% ?

If over a decade in the workforce and five years of entrepreneurship has taught me anything, it’s that no matter what there will be tasks and part of the work that’s unsexy, not fun, and sometimes downright miserable. And you can either drag your feet and complain or buck-up and claim? At this point in my professional career, I’m trying to do more of the later. Now, it’s your turn…

  • What’s unsexy about your work and daily life?
  • What can be changed, shifted, or delegated?
  • What are you ready to buck-up and claim?

3. Annotate & Add the Layers ?

Using the personal data you’ve unearthed in Step 1 and 2, now it’s time to annotate and add the layers of time along with a do or delegate lense. I share my details below…

  • Time: As you consider the life cycle of each bucket or project, what’s possible with the time you have?Suggestion: Be REALISTIC! Base your considerations on your previous experience and/or shared knowledge in your field/niche or among your team, biz, or organization.
  • Do or Delegate? Taking into consideration TIME, as well as leveraging the funds at your disposal either yours or a budget your manage.

The goal is that the above gives you the recipe to discover the ingredients of your dream pie!

I’d love to know! Either share your experience in the comments below or send an email ? hello@mamajlove.com


img_6561Interested in co-creating Justice in your life?

I am currently gathering input for what’s next via Mama J’s Input Form.
One of the ideas percolating is a monthly Friday lunchtime virtual masterclass that I’d call the “Learning to Unlearn” Series…Ready to sign-up? Let me know here. For added motivation and love for your time, I’ll be selecting 2 winners for a $25 gift certificate* to the small biz/shop of your choice!

Because intention is everything. Goals are attainable.
This is at the ♥ of Intentional Justice™

In lovelution ?

*Winners to be selected randomly based on folks who complete Mama J’s Input Form by Mon,4/30 at 11:59 pm PST.

* Is informed by the countless meeting check-in Qs  drafted, opportunities to reflect on my own strengths and leadership via a global sisterhood mastermind, various teams for which I’m a member, conferences attended, and my own experience with two female leadership coaches, who support leaders and educators engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion work during the last 6 months. Much appreciation for this abundance of experience and knowledge!

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