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Re-Activate: Love in Action

Mama J's Jan 2020 Quote

Discipline says I need to. Duty says I ought to. Devotion says I want to. ~Adrian Rogers

Today I am grateful that I am saying, “I want to…” to everything on my plate with love, intention, and Justice in action.

Today I honor the time I had to pause, rest, and heal over the two week period that was Winter Break—the last week of December 2019 and the first week of January 2020.

Today I re-activate my cultural superpower—Love in Action—a fierce devotion to 2020 and the decade ahead to practice and live the LOVELUTION or what I clearly now see as love, leadership, and Liberation.

Today I commit to activating a new theme each month.

Today on the 2nd Tuesday of the month due to the cosmos (anyone else still sinking into the lessons of the Dec/Jan eclipse portal?) 

In the future, it will be on the 1st Tuesday of the month. And…

I will lovingly call it #TruthTellingTuesdaybyMamaJ and each post will anchor with the Intentional Justice™ practices for the month while supporting our lunar cycle intentions (aka new moon and full moon intention setting) amidst the ebb and flow of our lives and the global sociopolitical context.

Today I remind myself that RIGHT NOW at this moment it’s time to Implement Awareness.

As such, this month’s theme is RE-ACTIVATE!

As an Activator (1 of my 5 signature strengths), I am grounding into 5 Intentional Justice™ practices that will inform how I show up throughout the month as I hold various spaces and dialogue across the social platform, organizations, and spaces I hold in-person.

  1. Quote of the Month
  2. Tarot Card
  3. 4 Agreements Card
  4. Rainbow Energy Card
  5. Personal Inquiry Qs (linked to the moon)

While the above is my Intentional Justice™ practices, use what resonates and leave the rest 

And, I’ll be back in February to share what it looks and feels like to honor what has influenced and impacted our individual truths as a leader.

In the meantime, I recommend reading my anchor blog posts form this past Fall:

Create Intentional Justice™ in Your Life

With countless things around the world seemingly out of our control, I invite YOU to check-in with YOU to hold up the mirror and claim:

What can I RE-ACTIVATE this month that feeds my heart and soul?

Need some planning (+ support) magic for the new year and decade?

→ Checkout Mama J’s 2020 Intentional Justice Planning Magic Workbook & Working Recording

→ Register for my first 2020 New Year, New Moon Circle of 2020 giving yourself time and space to ground in our 2020/decade intentions!

That’s it for now and I’ll be back on the first Tuesday in February with what has impacted My 4 Truths.

In lovelution…

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