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18 Apr 2020

Part 1: The Professional IS Personal

A 3-Part Series Welcome to a 3-part series focused on the practice of aligning your professional life with your personal life. The timing of this series is serendipitous as it was originally slated to drop this month as a 2-part series. Then we all began sheltering in place as COVID-19 emerged as a global pandemic. This caused me to pause and reconsider the following question I have been pondering since early September 2019: What does it feel like to recognize that […]

07 Apr 2020

April 2020 Quote

Our anchoring quote for April 2020… What resonates? How does it remind you to stay fiercely devoted to your vision? Please share your thoughts in the comments 💕 In lovelution…

03 Mar 2020
14 Nov 2014

How Do You Want to Feel?

This post is a slight departure in hopes of inspiring you to turn inward. As I embrace the last days and weeks of my first pregnancy while anticipating the start of my next chapter—motherhood, let’s talk about your life. Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected? Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel? When I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for the first time, I was focused on outlining and achieving my next […]

14 Aug 2014

Identity: Why the Focus?

As Dimensions Shifts Embracing Love & Compassion “If you bring forth that which is within you, what you bring forth will save you.” ~ Gospel of St. Thomas via @Jillian4Justice Launching a lovelution is just the beginning. Who we are (how we show up in the world to ourselves and others) and the experiences that result have an impact, often defining us. Identity is the lens that has helped me make sense of who I am and how I view the […]

31 Jul 2014

Intersectionality: Let the Dialogue Begin…

 “Our desired impact… people begin to recognize our social and cultural identities are intertwined…” @jillian4justice   Today I had hoped to share how my mindset shift—5 Keys to Embracing Your Own Personal Lovelution (in case you missed it)—is expanding to a shift in my identity. However, I’m still exploring this new found awareness and how to share it with you. What I know for sure (thanks Oprah for this phrase!) is…that in a few weeks time, I’ll have a better handle on […]

20 Jul 2014

Lovelution: A Mindset Shift

5 Keys to Embracing Your Own Personal Lovelution  It’s been longer than expected since you have heard from me, 32 days to be exact, yet who’s counting 😉 Although this may not bode well for my consistency, the reality is that my silence both in the blogosphere and on social media has been due to the desire to turn inward and be present with my wife, dog, and family both in everyday life and while I was on vacation, especially since it […]

18 Jun 2014

Gratitude is All About Attitude

What a week it has been with not only the celebration of the redesigned Jillybeads 4 Justice website and vision, but also kicking off my 32nd year of life with a bang So far, the feedback has been nothing but positive, which makes all the effort and stress seem minimal at this point. As I move from celebration mode back to planning and action, I’m also finding myself shift to ease and gratitude. There are many things I’m grateful for […]

09 Jun 2014

The Lovelution Begins

A Love Note from Me to You! Hopefully, we can each point to someone in our life who has had an impact by their presence, love, or a combination of the two.  Luckily for me, I can point to numerous individuals that this applies, yet it’s my wife’s presence and love that has been life changing. It’s from such love along with the love and respect I have for myself and my fellow citizens of the world that I desire […]

04 Jun 2014

My Fuel: Part 2

My Fuel: Moving Closer to the Unknown “Pressure creates diamonds.” #truthbomb @DanielleLaPorte Hey Team Justice! With the reveal of the newly designed Jillybeads 4 Justice website on Monday, June 9th, which also happens to be the business’ 2nd Anniversary and my 32nd Birthday (yay!), it’s a blissful (and a bit stressful) time in my world. Plus, my wife* and I recently shared with our friends and community that we’re expecting our first child in late November (double yay!!), so I’ve been a bit distracted by […]

21 May 2014

My Fuel: The Desire Map

How do you want to feel? Hey Team Justice! Can you believe it’s already been two weeks?! As time seems to be speeding up with each passing day, week, month, and year, so does my desire to make a difference. Instead of focusing on a never-ending list of to-dos and goal chasing, I have a renewed outlook that has revolutionized my day-to-day perspective—focusing on my core desired feelings. As I mentioned last time, I have spent the last 5 months Refueling […]

07 May 2014

Refueling for a Rebirth

Refueling for a Rebirth What have you been up to for the last 5 months?! Hey Team Justice (what I would like to affectionately call you now)! If you’re new to our community here, welcome, so lovely to have you! And of course lots of appreciation and a big hug too if you’ve been following for some time. I’m so grateful for our connection. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me…like a looooong while. Over 5 months to be exact, […]

09 Jun 2012

Why I Started a Business…

In preparation for launching my online store—Jillybeads 4 Justice, my partner kindly asked for a reminder of why I was doing this. I can’t lie, my first reaction was to get defensive and then I realized, she’s the one person who should know without hesitation the extent of my vision and dreams for this new venture as it will involve her and our family. Then came the decision that I wanted to share it with the universe as well to […]