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Thoughts on Charlottesville

Because it must be said…
Because your words and actions matter…
Because it’s not business as usual…

Despite peacefully falling asleep with JJ last night, I was startled awake. I was called to read the various perspectives, to take note of who has spoken and who chooses to remain ? Then I couldn’t sleep.

I share this not to guilt or shame you into action, yet simply to publicly share your words and actions matter. I’m leaning into my own Privilege that I get to still sit with my feelings without the need to offer an age-appropriate explanation to my daughter. While knowing that eventually the day will come.

And, I am angry. Yep, an angry Black woman in 2017! Not because of inequity and injustice. That’s obvi by now, right?! The Truth is that the anger is built-up frustration that many of the white folks I love and care about, who say they love and care about Jaylin, myself, and our mixed-raced family, continue to remain silent against the white supremacy that’s now out in the open.

There is no perfect response. You will fumble. You will make mistakes. You will feel uncomfortable. It’s okay. Welcome to club. This is where growth and change begins and continues. Your words and actions matter.

Feel stuck? Reach out. You can contact Mama J at hello@mamajlove.com.
Click here for resources on How to Stand Up for Racial Justice Resources.
This is where the dialogue begins…

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