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18 Apr 2020

Part 1: The Professional IS Personal

A 3-Part Series Welcome to a 3-part series focused on the practice of aligning your professional life with your personal life. The timing of this series is serendipitous as it was originally slated to drop this month as a 2-part series. Then we all began sheltering in place as COVID-19 emerged as a global pandemic. This caused me to pause and reconsider the following question I have been pondering since early September 2019: What does it feel like to recognize that […]

07 Apr 2020

April 2020 Quote

Our anchoring quote for April 2020… What resonates? How does it remind you to stay fiercely devoted to your vision? Please share your thoughts in the comments 💕 In lovelution…

03 Mar 2020
06 Apr 2011

What I Have Learned from a National Model of Praxis: The Core Values of NWP

As I fly back to the Bay Area from the National Writing Project’s (NWP) 2011 Spring Meeting, my mind swims in thoughts about the impact NWP has had on the tens of thousands of teachers we at the national office serve. For these amazing educators and leaders, I write today to show my support and solidarity for the #blog4NWP effort. Although I was in Washington, D.C. supporting the event as a national staff member, I also co-facilitated a segment of […]

17 Jan 2011

My Dreams on this MLK Day

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr. I Dream… I dream of a world that truly provides freedom & justice for all. I dream of true equity for women where we are no longer exploited for pleasure, power, or profit. I dream of learning all I can from those around me. I dream of becoming a better daughter, sister, friend, colleague, and partner in the year ahead. I dream of committing my heart & soul […]

14 Feb 2010

Love: A Means Towards Freedom

a heady heavy love speaks to my yearning calls me to give my all and seeks the place of no return to lay bare my heart for you to whom I surrender to you for whom I want ~ bell hooks Today my yearning comes to an end as I embark into the blogsphere with the hope that everyone’s heart is open a little bit wider on this day of hearts, flowers, love, and a Hallmark card or two. Yet, […]