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Mama J's VIP Day for Liberation

No Districtions. Center Equity. Create Justice.

Coming September 2021...

Stakeholder Listening Sessions

Stop with the surveys. Slooow down. It's time to listen to your stakeholders.

Mama J's VIP Day for Liberation

Let's Co-Create Justice in a Day!

This offering combines both strategy and solution to transform your organization's vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion into REAL ACTION. Mama J will give you an 18-month roadmap to build the foundation for a strong, healthy, and trauma-informed DEI strategy aligned with the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks; where Liberatory Design meets the Praxis of Persistence.

You’ll learn the modes, mindsets, and practices needed to drive the strategy as you build a bridge to an equitable organizational culture.

Stakeholder Listening Sessions

Are YOU Ready to Disrupt & Dismantle White Supremacy?

Each of us is living and embodying white supremacy simply by our conditioning. Then add to the complexity that each of us experiences this conditioning based on our positionalities (e.g. job title, age, education and income level to name a few), as well as our intersectional identity (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, sexuality, etc.).

While diversity may provide a seat at the table that doesn’t mean that marginalized identities are seen or heard due to the intersections of power and privilege.

It’s time to change this so that you and your organization can bring to life that DEI (or fill-in-the-blank) statement written and shared in June 2020.

Objective #1

Ensure staff are heard, especially those with marginalized identities at the intersects

Objective #2

Shared group commitment to dismantle white supremacy culture

Objective #3

A visual map of how white supremacy culture is showing up in your organization’s culture so the work can begin to dismantle the Top 3 practices

What's Included...

Intentional Justice™ #1

Two (2) 45-minute Intentional Justice™ Sessions: the first will be to map our objectives and draft questions, and then the second one will be present and debrief the results.

Intentional Justice™ #2

One (1) Stakeholder Listening Session (45- or 60-minutes)

Intentional Justice™ #3

A visual map* of how white supremacy culture is showing up in your organization’s culture so the work can begin to dismantle the Top 3 practices.

The results will be presented in a visual map during the second Intentional Justice™ Session.

*Presenting a visual map instead of a written report of themes and quotes is how I am disrupting the White Supremacy culture practice of “Worship the Written Word.” This seismic shift in reporting is elevating the intersectional and nuanced nature of any organization’s culture work.

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