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Our Roots: Vision, Mission & Core Values + 9 Keys to Liberation

Everything is cyclical.

Change is always in motion.

Growth is essential.

At Mama J Love Consulting here are the roots that ground us and our work…


To liberate leaders from Supremacy* mindset in all its forms in order to co-build workplace cultures that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all.

*White Supremacist, patriarchal, colonialist, heteronormative, capitalist, etc. 


Love Yourself like a Mother with Intentional Justice™ 

Core Values

These are the guiding principles as we live and lead at Mama J Love Consulting… 

? L O V E:  The heart of the matter. Home base. The seed from which everything else grows.

? Intentionality: Purposeful and deliberate. 

? Truth-Telling: Tell the truth, always and often to yourself and others. Doing so will set you free.

? Authenticity: Shedding the masks you were taught to wear and choosing to show up as your true self. Honoring that each of us is whole even on the days that feel challenging.

? Integrity: Do what you say you’re going to do. Walk it, like you talk it. Show up every damn day!

? Joy: An act of resistance. Enduring love amidst adversity.

? Community:  A crew that respects, values, and celebrates the diversity amidst us as we strengthen our connection to be our best selves. 

9 Keys to Liberation

Mama J’s Approach to Liberatory Design using the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World

Liberation (verb): To be free from imprisonment or bondage. For most of us, it’s disengaging from the constraints—real and perceived—that limit, hold us back and oppress us. It’s a dismantling of Supremacy in all its intersectional forms. Then, continuously committing to responding from a place of wholeness. 

  1. Know Thyself to Love Yourself: What’s at the core? Bringing back the broken pieces of ourselves. Reclaiming the “broken” in order to call ourselves home and embody wholeness. 
  2. Compassion: Learning to Love Yourself. Being Courageously Bold. Lovingly challenging yourself to keep showing up kinder to yourself. Reconnecting to your inner child and inner knowing.
  3. Be a Disruptor: For what matters to you. You can co-create your own revolution. By leading with love, intention, and equity.  Rebellious revolution is the lovelution.
  4. Expect (and Accept) the Unexpected: Expect (and Accept) the Unexpected: In riding the wave of White Supremacy, we can enjoy catching the wave while expecting and accepting the crash. Because we cannot ride the wave forever. Rest is essential.
  5. Originality: There’s only one you! Be a unicorn. Showing up more as our authentic self.
  6. Brilliance: Each of us has a light to shine.  It’s our journey to determine how we can and will shine our light. 
  7. Unconventional Thinking: To be our authentic self, we need to step out of the status quo. Including previous notions/expectations of perfectionism.  It’s time to think outside the box. 
  8. Dream Your Best Life: Reclaim your ability to look towards the horizon.  What if, you leaped? Dream of the net that will catch you. Then all of the possibilities from making that one choice. Even with adversity, how will you choose to save yourself?
  9. The Collective:  By knowing thyself, showing compassion, being a disruptor, expecting (and accepting) the unexpected, originality, brilliance, unconventional thinking, and dreaming that you are the pebble that’s going to co-create the ripple of liberating ourselves and all of us. 

To liberate leaders from a Supremacy mindset in all its intersectional forms, it’s our intention to practice… 

Praxis: a cyclical process of reflection and action. 

Our Praxis of Persistence: An Intentional Justice™ Framework puts equity into action through bite-sized and deliberate action every damn day.

Together we can and will co-create shared meaning, agency, and power by welcoming an intersectional lens of identity, ideas, and voices.

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