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Mama J Love Consulting LLC

Co-Designing for Liberation with the Intentional Justice™ Method

Are YOU feeling stuck, isolated, and helpless?

Mama J is here to empower executive leaders and biz owners who solo-shoulder their company’s JEDI strategy implementation by combining inner reparenting work with anti-racism work.

🌏 Using Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks, Liberatory Design, and The Intentional Justice™ Method, I guide others towards using data to inform what bite-sized and deliberate step to take next in the individual or institution’s equity journey.

As a queer, Black mamapreneur, I integrate my two decades of lived and professional experience to help my clients find Joy, Rest & Justice while Co-designing for Liberation.

I am best positioned to serve:

  • Global Majority women who are tired of being strong and resilient in a system that doesn’t support our pay equity, care, and/or health (mental, physical, psychological)
  • Fellow DEI consultants who are just getting started or are looking for a fresh way to honor the complexity of uncertainty, attending to healing, and involving diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences to co-design for Liberation!
  • HR Professionals, Non-profit and educational leaders, and their boards who are likely missing DEI expertise or resources

💞 My lived experience of workplace trauma and workplace harm guides this work. With clients, I come from a place of Sustainable Sovereignty and co-create a roadmap towards equity – having done that myself.

The problem?

Folx are out here charging ALL the coins for DEI strategy implementation, then leaving clients stranded with bad data and no support to implement their radical ideas.

Plus, there’s no loving support for the individuals in charge of this deep, system-wide transformation (especially those working solo.) - Mama J

The solution?

VIP Days for Liberation 💫 Born from an ongoing Intentional Justice™ Method—bite-sized and deliberate daily action—waking up, unlearning/relearning, dialogue, reflection, and deliberate action as we persist with love and intention to Co-Design for Liberation 🌈

My dream?

That folx realize that there’s no QUICK FIX or standard checklist and instead, embrace the complexity of JEDI work. I have made it my mission to disrupt and dismantle Supremacy* and its practices with bite-sized deliberate actions every damn day! I’ve always loved data and the theory behind things, yet equity doesn’t become real until we practice it, try it on, and iterate it.

*White Supremacist, patriarchal, colonialist, heteronormative, capitalist mindset

Jillian "Mama J" Love

Head Disruptor + JEDI Strategist

"Intention is everything. You get to choose your mindset, intention, and action. Outcomes are attainable with bite-sized and deliberate action EVERY damn day!"

This is the heart of...

the Intentional Justice™ Method


Leading 4 Liberation VIP Day (1-Day Leadership Development Intensive)


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