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Mama J Love Consulting

Intentional Justice™ Strategist + Data Goddess + Love Leader

Mama J Love Consulting creates and co-creates transformational experiences for organizations and individuals to Love Yourself like a Mother with Intentional Justice™ through inspirational and actional talks, interactive seminars, organizational data and strategy consulting, as well as leadership coaching. The foundation of every consulting relationship, interaction, and experience is grounded in our Praxis of Persistence framework. Born from an ongoing Intentional Justice™ process—bite-sized and deliberate daily action—waking up, unlearning/relearning, dialogue, reflection, and deliberate action as we persist with love and intention to co-create Justice in your life!

Jillian "Mama J" Roth

Intentional Justice™ Strategist...

"Intention is everything. You get to choose your mindset, intention, and action. Outcomes are attainable with bite-sized and deliberate action EVERY damn day!"

This is the heart of Intentional Justice™


Monthly Strategist
Implementation Support
Document Review
Co-Create Action Plan


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