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Category : Lovelution

11 Feb 2020

Impact: A Journey of Fierce Devotion

We’re on the other side of la Luna’s expansion—Full Moon in Leo, which is the 6-month container and halfway point to the New Moon in Leo in early August. I intentionally planted seeds of courage by sharing the following quote with the organization for which I have devoted the majority of my work time—Lighthouse Community Public Schools… as we launched the 2019-20 school year and year 2 of our 5-year Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Commitments. The main initiative—a yearlong […]

14 Sep 2019

Becoming Mama J…

Exactly a year ago today… A fire was set to my life as I knew it. Shocked. Betrayed. Heartbroken. Simultaneously knowing, deep in my soul what had been activated I did not have the courage to do. And, now I can see the gift in saying the thing that had not been said… Our marriage is over. A personal Truth impacted by what I had couched as a professional pursuit—decentering and disrupting White Dominant Culture—is now the result of countless […]

14 Jun 2016

LOVE: A R E V O L U T I O N ❣ #StandWithOrlando

Today, L❤️????VE feels like a… R E V O L U T I O N ❣ Originally shared via @mamajlove1 Instagram on Sun, June 12… It takes courage to love… 2 be vulnerable to another. It takes faith to love… 2 believe OUR love is equal. It takes passion to love… 2 be driven for and with your beloved. It takes will to love… 2 believe I am is we. It takes power to love… 2 be strong enough to […]

10 Feb 2016

Lovelution = Revolutionary Love + Intentional Justice = My Big Why?

Lovelution = Love. Justice.Freedom.   We’re in one of my favorite months! So, it’s fitting that I’m back on the blogging scene just in time to show + celebrate love. Not just any love…a Lovelution of Love. In fact, it’ll be six years this V-Day that I entered the blogsphere with this post: Love: A Means Towards Freedom (read later) ♥ After re-reading it a few times myself, what feels evident is the importance of these three tenets: love, justice, and freedom. […]

29 Sep 2015

Welcome:: A Lovelution

My latest exploration of the term and one of my core desired feelings. In this introductory video, I share my evolving definition of a lovelution.  

14 Nov 2014

How Do You Want to Feel?

This post is a slight departure in hopes of inspiring you to turn inward. As I embrace the last days and weeks of my first pregnancy while anticipating the start of my next chapter—motherhood, let’s talk about your life. Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected? Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel? When I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for the first time, I was focused on outlining and achieving my next […]

20 Jul 2014

Lovelution: A Mindset Shift

5 Keys to Embracing Your Own Personal Lovelution  It’s been longer than expected since you have heard from me, 32 days to be exact, yet who’s counting 😉 Although this may not bode well for my consistency, the reality is that my silence both in the blogosphere and on social media has been due to the desire to turn inward and be present with my wife, dog, and family both in everyday life and while I was on vacation, especially since it […]

09 Jun 2014

The Lovelution Begins

A Love Note from Me to You! Hopefully, we can each point to someone in our life who has had an impact by their presence, love, or a combination of the two.  Luckily for me, I can point to numerous individuals that this applies, yet it’s my wife’s presence and love that has been life changing. It’s from such love along with the love and respect I have for myself and my fellow citizens of the world that I desire […]

14 Feb 2010

Love: A Means Towards Freedom

a heady heavy love speaks to my yearning calls me to give my all and seeks the place of no return to lay bare my heart for you to whom I surrender to you for whom I want ~ bell hooks Today my yearning comes to an end as I embark into the blogsphere with the hope that everyone’s heart is open a little bit wider on this day of hearts, flowers, love, and a Hallmark card or two. Yet, […]