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About Mama J

Strategist, Data Goddess & Love Leader

Jillian Roth "Mama J"

A knowledgeable and experienced leader, strategist, and thinking partner with an intersectional meets an interdisciplinary approach to the work. Jillian “Mama J” uses a growth mindset and love of learning to activate a human and organizational development toolkit, diplomacy with a courageous dose of paradigm shifts while using a sense of humor and innovation to produce positive outcomes and real impact on quality and culture. She is passionate about activating the development and implementation of methodologies and pedagogies that disrupt the status quo and specifically White Dominant Culture practices at work, home, and in everyday life.

Jillian has proven results in education and beyond working in partnership with various stakeholders while co-creating space for equity by using data as a tool to learn, evaluate, and show impact for social change, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), as well as data-driven culture-building and decision-making.

Rooted in the practice of “holding up the mirror while looking out the window” to explore identity as a tool to build relationships and community...

Mama Sabbatical

Love Yourself like a Mother with Intentional Justice™

"I had the privilege to take a two and half year Mama Sabbatical, what I lovely call my time away from the formal workforce, to change my relationship to time and how I viewed myself and the work I do in the world. This unexpected fork in the road began the day I started the third trimester of my pregnancy (September 2014). Answering the unexpected call within to love, live, and lead with Intentional Justice™. Fast forward to now, I am a part-time school leader—DEI Initiatives & Organizational Data Manager—and independent consultant—strategist, thought partner, facilitator, and data goddess."

Jillian utilizes her technical knowledge and skills coupled with heart-centered leadership to disrupt White Dominant Culture in education and beyond. Mama J works in partnership with various stakeholders to co-create time and space for inclusion and equity using data as a tool to learn, evaluate, and show impact. Most mornings you’ll find Jillian with a cup of "Joe" amidst a sink full of dishes, bacon in the microwave, and a bowl of seasonal fruit living and loving the dance of motherhood, leadership, and business.

Current Projects

Authoring “Lovelution: The Journey of “Loving Yourself like a Mother with Intentional Justice”

Manuscript slated for completion in early November 2019

Leading, Managing & Facilitating Space for Conversation & Action Planning

LCPS’ 2019-2020 DEI All-Staff Learning Arc (more than200 employees)
Key Results Data Sets

- Staff Retention

- Promise54 DEI Staff Experience Survey [link]

- Staff Engagement: using a combination of Gallup’s Q12 [link] and key org indicators

- Family Surveys

- Exit interviews

Non-profit Consulting

Consulting with a health and equity-focused national non-profit to use staff data to inform their strategic and equity plan

Healing and finding JOY as an act of resistance to the work I do in the world

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I look forward to co-creating inclusive and transformational experiences that liberate both you and the organizations led and served.

Contact Information

Email: jillian@mamajlove.com
Phone: +1 (510) 775 0175