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Becoming Mama J…

Mama J radiating Love + JOY for where I am today!

Exactly a year ago today…

A fire was set to my life as I knew it.

Shocked. Betrayed. Heartbroken.

Simultaneously knowing, deep in my soul what had been activated I did not have the courage to do.

And, now I can see the gift in saying the thing that had not been said…

Our marriage is over.

A personal Truth impacted by what I had couched as a professional pursuit—decentering and disrupting White Dominant Culture—is now the result of countless bite-sized actions prior. 

What does it feel like to recognize that’s one’s profession is personal?

From where I stood a year ago to now, it felt vulnerable, uncomfortable, and raw. I also know this is the first time in my professional career that my work wholeheartedly aligns with who I am and my why—Love Yourself like a Mother with Intentional Justice™

“When we separate our personal and collective healing journey from our work journey, our lives become meaningless.” @TurtleTankSchool

The last year has taught me that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) work is both personal and professional. And so, I want to intentionally re-introduce myself to you!

As I wear many crowns…

I am a Love Leader for Equity.

I am a Relator & Strategist who Activates Ideas into Strategy with Command. (Also, my top 5 strengths per the StrengthFinder)

I am a Data Goddess & Badass.
(both dubbed by Lighthouse Community Public School colleagues)

I am a Light Warrior healing from trauma.

I am a KC native now residing in Berekely, CA for the last 13 years in a rent-controlled apartment.

I am Mama, Bae & Friend…

What you see above is a snapshot of who I am along with a handful of my favorite pictures of my WHY—my daughter Jaylin and the JOY and juggle that IS being Jaylin’s mama.  Plus, a reminder of my pre-K self and now inner child (see bottom right corner wearing my preschool’s birthday crown on my 5th birthday).

At the intersection of these identities is the core value of LOVE and the belief that education and data—the quantitative data combined with the stories, experiences, and feedback from various stakeholders—students, families, staff, leaders, and boards—are tools to unlearn/relearn, dialogue, reflect, and take bite-sized and deliberate action as we persist with love and intention to co-create Justice in y(our) life!

As a Black/Mixed Race queer single mama raising a  Black/Mixed Race daughter in Berkeley/Oakland across racial difference in two separate homes, I am faced daily with the reality of how this work is personal. Coupled with the work I hold and do in the world—co-creating adult learning experiences that create spaces for inclusion and belonging along with transformation from the inside out.

I am setting the intention to use the blog to tell the story of putting love, intention, and justice into action. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks!

For now,  take a look around and see what resonates ?

Welcome to my new virtual home…

Then come back here and take your first bite-sized and deliberate action by either dropping a comment below to sharing what resonates or sign-up below to join the Lovelution Crew to receive “Love in Action” posts directly to your inbox…

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