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Tag : Personal Development

07 Apr 2020

April 2020 Quote

Our anchoring quote for April 2020… What resonates? How does it remind you to stay fiercely devoted to your vision? Please share your thoughts in the comments ? In lovelution…

14 Jan 2020
Mama J's Jan 2020 Quote

Re-Activate: Love in Action

Discipline says I need to. Duty says I ought to. Devotion says I want to. ~Adrian Rogers Today I am grateful that I am saying, “I want to…” to everything on my plate with love, intention, and Justice in action. Today I honor the time I had to pause, rest, and heal over the two week period that was Winter Break—the last week of December 2019 and the first week of January 2020. Today I re-activate my cultural superpower—Love in […]

24 Sep 2019
Lovelution in Kauai

Mama J’s 4 Truths

In the journey of Becoming Mama J, I made the decision to name, frame, and claim 4 Truths that lay the foundation for how I lead the work I do in the world.