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Molding My Mama Mindset


As you sleep in my right arm so soundly while resting your hand gently on mine, our 10 months together feels like an eternity and yet it’s truly just the beginning. The gift of each breath you take inflates my desire to love you with every cell of my body the only way i know how–completely and forever. Our journey as mother and daughter has already had its ups and downs (I’m sure nothing from the contrary that many first-time mamas experience: a painful latch, trusting your instinct over the various baby books [don’t get me wrong, these are still valuable resources!], why all the prep for birth with little talk of post-partum, and the list could go on…) and yet I wake up each day ready to start anew. 

~ Love, Your Mama

My ?Compass (or Core Desired Feelings)
While uncertainty was a constant during my Mama Sabbatical™ and the wild journey of conception, pregnancy, labor, and Jaylin’s birth, my core desired feelings (aka CDFs) have been my heart’s compass that I return to daily (often multiple times throughout). First it begins with asking myself, “How do YOU want to feel today?” And then, I’m reminded of my CDFs and repeat them to myself like a prayer or mantra of my own Love, Justice, & Freedom. My favorite days are when my wife asks me the same question as a way to guide our adventure for that day.

Currently, my core desired feelings are: Bliss, Wonder, Lovelution, Luminous Liberty & Courageously Bold. Just like the shift in season, I feel a desire to dive back into the process. It could be the nostalgia of preparing for Jaylin’s birth just a year ago, the impending milestone of the one year mark, or the knowing that I want to show up for YOU and our fellow mamas* to engage in meaningful inquiry that matters. And in doing so, allowing me to take on the day and the world with a Mama Mindset and feel all my CDFs!

Molding a Mama Mindset

MAMA MINDSET :: the state of mind needed to embrace, conquer, and thrive while juggling motherhood with love, compassion, empathy, and humor as the struggle is REAL!

It begins with YOU and YOUR ?’s desire for Goals with Soul with Mosaic of Identity and 5 Life Areas:


And then, YOU ask yourself :: How do I want to feel?

What are your CDF’s (Core Desired Feelings?

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