Parent Engagement Series


An opportunity to bring together a small group of parents and caregivers to provide a space and opportunity to engage in learning as a member of a school or organizational community. Ideally, the desired outcome is for it to evolve into a peer-to-peer held space that meets the evolving needs of the community incorporating restorative and Intentional Justice™ methods as a means to engage parents and caregivers.

During the course of this 12-week workshop series, parents and caregivers will find a space to love yourself the way you deserve by engaging in your own learning on topics such as mindfulness, socio-emotional development, EQ or emotional intelligence, race and justice to name a few. The idea is that these foundational workshops can lay the foundation to expand to an ongoing restorative and Intentional Justice™ space for parents, caregivers, and families.


Each workshop follows Mama J’s Praxis of Persistence Framework

An ongoing Intentional Justice™ process…

It begins with YOU and moves outwards…

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Each step providing an opportunity to call attention to the struggle, challenge, and suffering (aka injustice) in Y(OUR) lives. In reclaiming Y(OUR) power,  Y(OUR) intentional action will create the kind of justice that restores + heals ♥

Intentional Justice™ is born out of a philosophy of intersectionality, the perspective that our experiences depend on all dimensions of a person’s identity rather than just one. Similar to a highway interchange in any major urban city.

Mama J asserts that this is the place of authenticity. The result is your individualized cultural capital. Your personal toolkit of cultural assets that you bring with you in every situation.  In using this framework, together we build a community + culture of respect, safety, and authenticity in which dialogue, collaboration, and understanding occurs.


Information Session: An opportunity to for the parent community to gather with school leadership and Mama J while learning about the Intentional Justice™ parent engagement series.

Workshop #1: Opening: Restoring Your Trust in Education

This workshop invites parents and caregivers to see and hear what makes us the same through personal storytelling and connection. Using a restorative justice circle to emphasize focused listening and an equitable sharing of voices. In turn, taking the first step to acknowledge that we all want the best for our children.

Workshop #2: What is Intentional Justice? And, Why Shift our Mindset as Parents?

In this workshop, come learn how to take bite-sized and deliberate action each day towards loving yourself the way you dream and deserve. In other words, parents and caregivers will leave understanding the importance of a growth mindset combined with mindfulness.

Workshop #3: Emotional Intelligence: Ways to Intentionally Manage your Feelings as a Parent

In this workshop, parents and caregivers will learn how to further develop the ability to recognize and express emotions with words, as well as promote social-emotional development through empathy for yourself, as well as your children. In other words, we’ll understand the importance of managing our emotions combined with empathy and mindfulness.

Workshop #4: Let’s Talk Race! Our Experiences Matter

In this workshop, parents and caregivers will learn 10 Tips of Intentional Justice™ to talk with their kiddos about race. Each participant will have an opportunity to reflect on how race / ethnicity was discussed by your own parents and caretakers in order to consider how you might want to do things differently. As result, you’ll leave with tools to start the conversation that night!

Workshop #5: Closing Circle: Understanding Sources of Power to Build Personal Power

This workshop invites parents and caregivers to see and hear what makes us the same through personal storytelling and connection using a restorative justice circle combined with a Kiva Protocol to emphasis focused listening and an equitable sharing of voices as we explore sources of power and the impact on our encounters at school / work and community. In turn, concluding the series with bite-sized + deliberate action to increase our personal power.

Each workshop is outlined based on 90 minutes and can be decreased or expanded that takes parents and caregivers through Mama J’s Praxis of Persistance framework.

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Lovelution: A Journey to Self ♥ is a memoir being written week-by-week as I take bite-sized + deliberate action each Tuesday toward my writing dreams as I reflect on my journey of using love + intention to create the life I dream and deserve.

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