Photo Credit: Kat Ma Photography

Photo Credit: Kat Ma Photograph

Driven by Intentional Justice™ + Revolutionary Love, I use my persistence and understanding of humans and organizations to explore identity as a tool to build relationships and community.

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I have been doing this work for over a decade exploring my identity, going deeper, and showing up as my authentic self. In other words, using bite-sized + deliberate daily action to love myself the way I dream and deserve!

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1:1 Strategy Sessions

Hire Mama J as your personal thinking partner and strategist for all things equity + inclusion in your organization, business, or school. Contact Mama J and let her know your vision, so that we can co-create something beautiful together!

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Grab Mama J's Intentional Justice™ Identity Activities & Guide

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When YOU say, "YES!"

You'll get access to Mama J's...

Intentional Justice™ Identity Activities & Guide

With two activities to explore the dimensions of your identity along with a 4-page reference guide to frame the work and provide definitions to key social justice terms and concepts.

This bite-sized + deliberate action will unearth your cultural superpowers, creating a Intentional Justice™ in your life sentdirectly to your inbox for download.

Plus, you'll join a group of like-minded Justice Seekers & Warriors: leaders, educators, parents, and open-heated citizens of the world ready to take bite-sized and deliberate action today, tomorrow, and every day.

This is #IntentionalJustice ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

In lovelution...

♥ Mama J

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