The Soul-Medicine Sisterhood Collective✨

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Calling ALL Soul Seekers...

Seeking Truth! Seeking Love & Justice & Freedom! Seeking the Lovelution!

Soul Medicine (v.)

✨ an experience or action to be present with your essence or inner knowing ✨

It’s a new day!

We refuse to stand on the sideline.

We know our value. We are ready to lead with love.

Today is the point in the journey, we give ourselves permission to return home.

We all need a reason come to come...

A place to be our authentic self or at the very least to put our best foot forward as we take bite-sized + deliberate action to feed our souls. I’m in the process of creating that place called the Soul-Medicine Sisterhood. A virtual collective that feeds your soul for The Lovelution—A Journey to Self to Lead with Love + Revolution in your life + career. This is how we achieve justice in our lives, or better yet Intentional Justice™

Nature, self-care, exercise, meditation, daily reflection, etc.

The bite-sized + deliberate daily act that fills your cup and reminds you that you’re loving yourself the way you dream and deserve.

We all need a reason to come home…

So, I ask you again...what’s yours? While you ponder, I invite YOU to consider….

In every walk with nature one receives far more than (s)he seeks. ~ John Muir

I’ll sign your permission slip to ground your mind, body, and spirit to listen to your heart. Together in sisterhood, we’ll name + claim our Truth and stand in it’s power. Releasing + relearning as we take individual + collective bite-sized + deliberate daily action.

Activating y(our) inner wisdom. You’re inviting yourself to G R O W…through a cyclical process of learning, dialogue, reflection, and action in spite of difficulty or resistance either external, internal, or the beautiful mess somewhere in-between. Each cycle representing the spiral consciousness of spirit progressing with bite-sized + deliberate daily action today, tomorrow and EVERY day!

Memento Vivere...

Remember to LIVE ✨ ⠀

Remember to Love ✨

✨ Remember to Listen ✨

Wanna fill your soul with Intentional Justice™?

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