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Mama J. Love’s #MamaMindsetMay2016

A Free Daily Photo Challenge of YOUR #MamaMindset in the #MamaJuggleStruggle

May 1 – 31, 2016 on Instagram + Facebook + Twitter

MJL Heart Divider_FINALAs women and mamas, we need to be reminded that our choices matter. That self-care is self-love. That loving YOU is loving your kiddo(s) + spouse + beyond. These small, deliberate actions each day takes self-love + intent. This is a #MamaMindset ❣

What YOU will receive:

  • A daily word prompt to celebrate + honor YOUR #MamaMindset (When you sign-up for the Mama Mindset tribe you’re given all the prompts via email + our secret Facebook Group)
  • A #MamaMindsetMay2016 Tracker ❤️ A PDF printable that helps you track your progress and can help with overwhelm. Color it in or give yourself a gold star! Join the tribe (see below) to access link.
  • Gain access to The Mama Mindset Tribe! (Community + e-Goodies for your soul)

Other Details:MM May 2016_Prompts with Links

  • Dates: The Month of May!
  • Cost: FREE!
    • This is not an e-course: It’s an Experiential Journey with lots of Mama Love ❣
  • Time Commitment: 5 minutes a day. You can always do more. has a way of expanding into your life in ways you can’t imagine!

Note: When you Sign Up you also receive my monthly Medley of Love filled with mama self-love delivered to your inbox!

Ways 2 Participate!

  1. Take a photo based on the word of the day!

+ Playing along is really simple! Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. So, for example, Day 1 is Monthly Mindset, so all you have to do is take a photo of something inspiring your mindset ( = belief about the world) for the month ahead: May. Be as creative as you like!

+ You can then share your photo on either Facebook or Instagram or both! To share on Instagram, just upload with the hashtag #MamaMindsetMay2016 and you’re done and to share on Facebook, upload to your personal page or jump into our Mama Mindset Tribe Facebook group and share there.

2, Use the hashtag #MamaMindsetMay2016 on Instagram, FB or Twitter.

3. Tag @mamajlove1 when you post to Instagram or Twitter.

4. Write a blog post, free write, or create art based on the word of the day!

5. Follow the hashtag #MamaMindsetMay2016 to show love (likes) + support (comments) to fellow mamas.

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What is a Photo-A-Day Challenge?

You’ll be using the daily prompt to think about how YOU, as a mama can take a small, deliberate step toward YOUR own Mama Mindset. This exercise gives you a lot of space to be creative and share the choices of self-love + intent that you are making as a mama, and gives us ALL a chance to celebrate YOU by honoring all those small things (that are really BIG things!) in the life our kiddos and family.

The very ACT of taking the time to pause and capture a moment-in-time in your everyday will help you savor the precious and fleeting moments of motherhood.

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By raising our voice in our uniqueness we tell a collective story of what the #mamajugglestruggle experience really looks like in a visually powerful way! Let’s show the world what a modern-day Mama Mindset looks + feels like as we take small, deliberate action each day toward being the Mama of Our Soul ❣

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