Each interactive session walks you through Mama J’s Praxis of Persistence framework with the said topic in mind.

An ongoing Intentional Justice™ process…MJL_Parenting Praxis Framework-1014x1024

It begins with YOU and moves outwards…

  • Learning
  • Dialogue
  • Reflection
  • Action

Each step providing an opportunity to call attention to the struggle, challenge, and suffering (aka injustice) in Y(OUR) lives. In reclaiming Y(OUR) power,  Y(OUR) intentional action will create the kind of justice that restores + heals ♥

Please select from one of two current topics that will be customized to your community or organization:

♥ Intersectionality: Beyond the Buzz — What Is It & How to Use It for Intentional Justice

Americans have participated in and reaped the benefits of a plethora of social movements. The 1900’s saw the women’s suffrage and the civil rights, feminist, and gay and lesbian rights movements. Despite the perceived progress from these movements, our country is still rife with racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism. As such the “intersectionality” movement has been 30 years in the making. It’s not a buzz, it’s a lived experience with a framework. 

This interactive seminar will show you ways to take deliberate daily action and how to live as a do’er of Intentional Justice™ Come to deepen your interest and expand your knowledge as a conscious connector. Bring your questions and learn:

  • A brief history on intersectionality,
  • How to discuss it among friends and colleagues, and
  • How it can inform your day-to-day and life decisions.

Loving Yourself is Knowing Yourself: Unlocking Your Cultural Capital 

Are you feeling lost as to what one person can do during these complex times?

Are you curious what love has to do with resisting and persisting during our shifting global reality?

Come explore:

  • The mindset shift needed to unlock your personal toolkit;
  • The importance of an intersectional approach; and
  • How to identify the intersectionality of your own identity.

As a result, you will leave this interactive seminar ready to claim your own cultural capital and strengths through your own Cultural Mandala. In other words, knowing yourself in order to Love YOU like a Mother! to use this self-knowledge as a means to empower ourselves and others as we take bite-sized + deliberate daily action.