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img_2419.jpgThis was yours truly 2 weeks ago today. On the brink of another “break” of sorts. I use quotes around the word break since this word is relative now that I am a mamapreneur. I am reminded that I found myself mentally preparing for the transition in-store for being a solo parent for 3 full days and 2 nights. In fact, I had this to share via Instagram

✨ From Mindset to Truth ?
A year ago today, I had this to say:
“Sacred ?? My #MamaMindset ?
It’s Spring Break @ our house so JJ + @steph732011 are off adventuring while this mama works, werks, works ??? I’ll admit it, when YOU love what YOU do, it doesn’t feel like work.”
The same can be said today ? I love the juggle of my life and wouldn’t want it any other way. The difference: I can now feel this truth in my mind, body, and soul. ✨img_2416.jpg
What sacred truth is asking YOU to stand your ground? ?? 

Does this #Truthbomb resonate?
Are you resisting what’s true?

What I didn’t know then and that is now crystal clear is that while my wife stepped away to recharge and remember what it’s like to be an individual outside of our realities as mothers, I too would be reminded of the intentional power and love in my role as mama j to our nearly 2.5 year old mixed-raced daughter that I will refer to here as JJ.

Although it’s typical to find one of these daily musings on my Mama J Instagram since taking the leap to embrace my new found identity as Mama J both in role and as a new iteration of my entrepreneurial pursuits in April 2015, it’s now time to shed light on my path of Intentional Justice one Tuesday at a time.

What’s Intentional Justice?

Simply put, it’s bite-sized and deliberate daily action. It’s the result of intentional work in our everyday lives because the endgame of equity and social justice can often feel unattainable. It’s celebrating our daily choices of love and intent with freedom.

As I fully embrace the various cycles of this journey and ways I show up as Mama J, I am reminded of my original aim to “make justice seem more attainable in our everyday lives by celebrating the small daily acts with the hope of sparking discussion on topics that matter” with my Instagram feed being a scrapbook of justice.

What’s clear now is that even then I had a vision to Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™ However, what I know now is that I needed to live, F. A. I. L. (Frequent Attempts in Learning — shout out to my wife for this powerful reframe!), and love in the magic and sometimes cray of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship to truly understand this aim.  All this is to say that time brings clarity of focus and with focus I am clear about the work I need to feed my soul while also serving you and those who have yet to join our tribe.

Below is a video I recorded earlier this month to bring this evolved vision to life after I spent the morning reminding myself what it felt like to work hard and sweat. In doing so, connecting my head to my heart…

Before or after you watch the less than 3-minute video, I invite YOU to consider:

What bite-sized + deliberate daily action will YOU take today, tomorrow, and each day this Spring to plant the seeds you wish or want for the months ahead?

This Mama J prompt is inspired by The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents: Guiding Your Children to Success and Fulfillment by Deepak Chopra, which I have been implementing as daily spiritual affirmations since the week Jaylin was born. In particular, this is the law of intention and desire.

As I sit with the lessons learned while my wife was away, the truth is I know I have countless valuable stories to tell, resources to share, and light to shed on my path of Intentional Justice™,  so won’t you join me one Tuesday at a time…

In lovelution…



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In lovelution...

♥ Mama J

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