Why I Love Today

Since 2010 when I first hit publish on my inaugural blog post, Love: A Means Toward Freedom, I have honored my admiration and appreciation for love on this day. The same day my parents wed. The same day I fondly remember receiving flowers from my parents at school starting around 3rd grade throughout the duration of my school experience. The same day that during my college years was dubbed “Single Awareness Day” for those of us who got a clear message from U.S. society of not being good enough by not being partnered on this day.

Now as I celebrate my 34th V-Day, I have instead chosen to use this day to remind myself what I love and why I love it, so that I can expand that outwards to those who shower this mama with love throughout the year. As a result, what follows are the building blocks to begin TODAY to Love Yourself like a Mother!

Laying the Foundation of Love with Mama J 

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