This week’s post is coming from the road. A flashback to the bite-sized + deliberate daily action taken this week, so a couple days tardy due to all tech losing its charge and then no service. To that, I say,  “Hallelujah” instead of “I’m sorry” because the latter would be untrue. And so…

I’m taking a pause from a post each week going more in-depth of using my identity as a Black Queer Mamapreneur + Love Leader + Wife storytelling and meaning-making into each of the 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life. All that’s to say, stay tuned for Lesson 4: The Water Calls Me in a little over a week on Tuesday, July 25th. Until then…

What’s on My Mind…

While many of these lessons are inspiring reflection and writing amidst the beauty of the central coast of Cali, it has been family time that has taken front and center. After an unexpected year of experiencing firsthand the unearthing our country’s underbelly, its more important than ever to find ways to reset for the continued lovelution.

What’s a lovelution?

Love is the revolution. A revolution of love. An evolution of love. Love that heals. Unplugging, playing, and losing track of time is what has been on my soul’s agenda. Yes, a privilege. One I don’t take lightly. Therefore, I soak it in a bit more knowing that I’m refueling with intention and love with Mama Ocean and dreaming about what’s to come this Fall.

Here we are jumping for JOY! ? Photo Credit: Natalie Zern

And so, I invite you to contemplate with I…
What can you pause right now? 

What’s calling you? 

What makes you jump for joy?

How can you Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™ ?

⤵️ I’d love to know, so please share your comments below ⤵️

And, I’ll be back with a new post on Tuesday, July 25th ?

In lovelution…


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