MamaMindsetMay2016 ? Day 3: My Truth || I am a proud breastfeeding mama ????❤️
Prior to JJ’s #homebirth ???‍?‍?
?I struggled to imagine what it would be like to do so…PERIOD…not to mention doing so in public…
?If I could even make it happen, what it would feel like…
?How I would show up in the world as a #breastfeedingmama (cover or no cover?) ?That of course, I would pump because I imagined finding a 9-5 (my job ended right as my third trimester began), so I was all set with the gear like a badge of honor; and certainly not least…
?The #priceless bond that’s always mentioned between mama + baby ???? #gohormonesgo
Fast forward #18months strong of breastfeeding + I love nurturing the soul I birthed ? Now, I have a hard time imagining it any other way ??? All this time I’ve been admiring the beauty captured in the feeds of: @normalizebfing @breastfeedwithoutfear @blackmomsbreastfeed
Inspired by my fellow mamas ? I boldly share one of my own ? #MamaMindset #IntentionalJustice #normalizebreastfeeding #blackwomenbreastfeed via Instagram
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