As I feel the release of Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio, I still feel:

Why is this significant?

Because I’m stepping into the magic of knowing what I need as I complete my 7th cycle of the year. Yep, that’s right…using your birthdate as the starting point, marking every seven weeks as the beginning of a new cycle. As such, bringing a shift in energy and focus. Want to learn more about your personal energy patterns? Click here to learn more from my brilliant friend Ruth McCants.

Based on this knowledge, this is what I know…

I am in my 7th cycle-—a time to reflect and share a revised vision!

Watch a below for more details:

Let me know in the comments, what are you manifesting with the release of the recent Full Moon?

In lovelution…

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Lovelution: A Journey to Self ♥ is a memoir being written week-by-week as I take bite-sized + deliberate action each Tuesday toward my writing dreams as I reflect on my journey of using love + intention to create the life I dream and deserve.

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