Is an anti- LGBT Executive Order coming?!

Today I received an email from Our Family Coalition that it’s a matter of days before a “Religious Freedom” Anti-LGBT Executive Order could be signed. On Wednesday, February 1, a leaked draft of the EO was circulated online.  If passed as law, the alleged draft EO would effectively legalize discrimination against LGBT people (my wife, our family, and I, as well as our community) weakening anti-discrimination protections in virtually every area of life under the guise of protecting the right to express religious beliefs.JJ at SF Pride 2016There’s no time to wait, so I am joining forces with Our Family Coalition to take + share these bite-sized + deliberate actions YOU can take TODAY:

  1. Join Our Family Coalition’s Speakers’ Bureau. We are looking to identify LGBT parents/caregivers and children/youth of LGBT parents who can volunteer to speak to the press, share their stories (via multiple mediums) and boost our capacity to speak the truth to power!
  2. Donate what you can to Our Family Coalition, and encourage your friends to do the same! We are fighting for same-sex couples and all LGBT families right now, and are preparing for an even bigger fight (if that’s possible) pending lawsuits. They need our support to raise 30K as soon as possible to hire a field organizer.
  3. Support a local action. Our Family Coalition will be representing at both the Oakland and San Francisco rallies. Exact dates will depend on when the executive order comes out. Check the Facebook pages for the most up to date info.
  4. Join Senator Kamala Harris in rejecting Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary: her long record funding anti-LGBTQ hate groups, who specifically call out trans people as unfit to teach kids, makes her one of our most pointed adversaries.
  5. Sign and generously share Transgender Law Center’s petition opposing the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the (stolen) Supreme Court seat. His record shows he would vigorously support a narrow, conservative Christian re-interpretation of our laws, enshrining discriminatory treatment of LGBTQ people.

As many have said: we don’t all have to do everything, but we all are called now to do something. This is the ❤️ of Intentional Justice™ ? bite-sized + deliberate action daily.

?️‍? Thank YOU for taking action!

In lovelution…

? mama j

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