Recorded just over a week ago on the First Friday of May, I went LIVE! on the Mama J Love Consulting Facebook page to share:

  • what I am learning to unlearn;
  • how I’m going about it with specific resources and tools (plus links below);
  • why I’m no longer waiting to activate my soul’s work; and
  • And, much more!

You can catch the full video below ?

Published when the sky is at its darkest—a New Moon ?

Front and center on my mind is Harro’s (2008) Cycle of Liberation, she states:

Liberation is a practice of love. It is developing a sense of self that we can love, and learning to love others with their differences from us.

We are not alone. Our liberation is interconnected. Let’s get free together ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

What are YOU waiting for?

In lovelution ?

P.S. Save the Date ? The next session of Learning to Unlearn will be Fri, 6/1 on the Mama J Love Consulting Facebook page at 12pm PST.

Resources Mentioned:

+ “I Don’t See Color” Challenging Assumptions about Discussing Race with Young Children

+ White Dominant Culture Practices & Something Different Top 5

+ Cycle of Liberation by Bobbie Harro

+ Praxis of Persistence (Mama J Loveframework)

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