You’re a busy mama or mamapreneur (mama + CEO/biz owner/entrepreneur) already tethered to your phone. You wanna use tech: that app or this service to make your life more efficient, easy (is that even possible?) or at the very least eas-ier on some front. Instead, you’re overwhelmed about where to start. The research alone to figure out what would work best for YOU is enough to stop you dead in your tracks. So, you keep using what works when YOU even though you know there’s a better solution.

I hear ya! So let me give YOU Mama J’s 3 Ways Tech Can Do the Work 4 YOU!

  1. Reminders + Notifications: You can love them, hate them, simply ignore them or somewhere in between. The point is YOU get to choose how you receive a heads up that needs your attention. Now…WARNING!! Instead of adding more interrupting “dinging” notifications on our devices, mamas go out and live free of dings or at the very least choose carefully what interrupts YOUR life + shifts YOUR attention away from YOUR #MamaMindset

A Mama Mindset Spotlight:

Tessa, fellow mamapreneur of The Chittle Homestead (checkout here: The Farmstay Kickstarter), said it best when sharing this new perspective:

Maybe if enough of us do it differently as both consumers & entrepreneurs* (even at the expense of sometimes not being seen), we will start rewiring our brains and our consumer markets to find joy in smallness, realness, and depth rather than becoming followers of all things big. …we promise to write words of REALNESS.

  1. Household Management: From everyday banking and expense tracking to paying bills and all those who support your family. There’s a growing list of smartphone and computer apps that support each of these categories. Often times, giving you the ability to access your data anywhere and on-the-go. Not sure where to start, I recommend Mint and Quickbooks,^ if you’re a biz owner. Either way, you can connect all of your financial accounts (banking, credit cards, loans, and retirement accounts) to get up-to-the second updates. You can also setup financial goals and track your expenses. The point is this…banking has caught up with the times, so let it work for YOU!
  2. The Cloud: Simply put, access to your digital files regardless of location or device. You know this virtual storage by names like DropBox, Google Drive, and iCloud. Don’t have one…cool, yet need I remind YOU how far technology has come on this front? Two words: floppy disks. Now, jump drives are an upgrade AND you’ve been when something’s gone awry, yet why juggle one more thing. What are you waiting for?! Go claim YOUR piece of the cloud today!

These are my 3 Ways Tech Can Do the Work 4 YOU! I hope you found them useful. Now, I’d love to hear which tip resonated with YOU. Please share your comments below ?

How My Love of Tech Will Help YOU!

I have my favorite tools for keeping my family and I organized: Google Calendar, an old school filing system (for now), Cloud storage, and the list goes on. Since Jaylin’s arrived in November 2014, I’ve been exploring and testing out various apps, tech tools and software to aid in making our life a bit easier. If I’m honest, I have always gravitated towards technology and often found myself as the go-to tech / software person to explain this or that in my previous 9 to 5 positions. Then, I started talking with busy mamas and mamapreneurs and the need was clear–individualized support. 

Look No Further: Tech Consults 4 Busy Mamas + Mamapreneurs

MJL_Tech Consult_Main_Apr 16Join Mama J. to discuss a plan of intent for YOU to learn a tech tool, app or software of YOUR choice! Topics include yet are not limited to:

  • Cloud storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud, etc.)
  • Google Suite
  • Canva
  • Smartphone Photo Editing
  • And Many More!

Click here to schedule YOUR 15-minute complimentary Tech Consult.

* I was reminded as a biz owner I get to choose to do it differently! And was like, yes!

^ Both are by Inuit. This not a sponsored post.

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