Welcome to my new blog site!

I have decided that it’s time to expand the work I started last year on the IOU Sports website, which focuses on the just and unjust in the world of sports. That said, this site will still continue to have a woman-focused spin on the just and unjust around us but with my experiences of and in the world, education, and sport being the platform from which I frame my thoughts . My goal with creating this site and  expanding the topic is so that I can share with you more from the heart and more often.

So, please join me for the ride in this exciting new journey!

Join the Lovelution!

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Lovelution: A Journey to Self ♥ is a memoir being written week-by-week as I take bite-sized + deliberate action each Tuesday toward my writing dreams as I reflect on my journey of using love + intention to create the life I dream and deserve.

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