It’s complicated.

That’s my current relationship with social media.

I see its power.

It’s connected intelligence. #whatiamreading

And it’s hegemony.

A word I do not use lightly.

In stepping away from social sharing* for 31 days, the intention manifested itself. What began as whisper from my intuition and presented itself as a request from my wife to not share that last photo of the day, I decided to take a cure from the universe and fall back. Allow myself to listen to the needs + desires of a breastfeeding, bed-sharing work from home mama of a walking one year.

Needs? Desires?

Caught up on the juxtaposition of these two words?

Well, let’s face it mamas we have them BIG time. Our day-to-day needs. Our kiddos needs. Our significant others’ needs. Desires of our own. Desires for our families. Desires for a fill filling career in alignment with our passions and values with a need for cost-effective flexibility. Desires and needs. A mixture of life blended with hopes, agreements, and expectations. All these help frame our Mama Mindset. The mental framework needed to help us get through the highs and lows of the day-to-day.

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Could you unplug yourself from social sharing for 31 days?

If so, what would it look like? If not, cool. We’d love for you to join the dialogue as well with your insights. Please share below in the comments.

Much love. Be love. Beloved.

In the #MamaJuggleStruggle

Mama J. Love ♥

*Yep, I unplugged from the desire + perceived need to be constantly sharing with my friends, family, and various communities using social networking platforms.

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