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Lesson 4: The Water Calls Me

Part of the Series: 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life

If you have a toddler or older, it’s likely you’ve seen Disney’s Moana at least once. If not, I highly recommend it for many feminist-aligned reasons in spite of Disney’s past. Simply put for brevity, they tackle their princess phenomenon with great one liners, while also honoring the power and importance of our ancestors, storytelling, and honoring one’s truth. As such, it’s on looped repeat at my house in 30-45 minute chunks along with the many of the songs, which are requested for our dance parties or car rides.

In I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors), Moana states…

Who am I?


I am a girl who loves my island

And the girl who loves the sea, it calls me…

Ditto, Moana! As a girl who grew-up landlocked with the closest body of water a “person-made” pond or at best a lake, I like Moana have loved the sea, it calls me. Even living in Berkeley, CA less than 3 miles from the San Francisco Bay only partially meets my call. So, what’s a girl to do? 

img_4684.jpgHead to the central coast for two weeks of beach therapy to warm-up (there’s a hard truth to the saying, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”) to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge.



The water calls me…

The water calls my wife…

The water calls my daughter…

The water calls our family!

Why does the water call me?

Here’s what I know for sure… 

img_4222.jpgMama Ocean’s rhythm + flow 

A reminder of the ebb + flow

Our natural rhythm.

As I flow with Mama Ocean

She invites I to reset

There’s nothing like it

Calling me.


In fact, the first opportunity I had to be on the water during my recent Resetting for the Lovelution, I used it to meditate, to sync up with the beautiful rhythm of Mama Ocean. Much surfaced as I rode her waves. Clarity washing over me with rainbow salt water eyes. Dreams rising up while lost in the magic of only being tethered to my boogie board. 

Water has always had this effect on me. An invitation to wash it all away. Reset. Make connection. Called to my Truth. So, I leave you with this to ponder…

Does the water call YOU? If not, what does?

↓  Let me know in the comments below  ↓

In lovelution…


Lesson 3: Freedom is a Moving Target ?

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This is part of the series: 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life

Happy 4th of July fellow Americans ??✨♥️

In today’s Take Action Tuesday, I explore freedom and what it means to me while asking the question:

??✨What leads YOU to freedom?✨ ??

⇓ Tell me in the comments ⇓

??✨What leads YOU to freedom?✨ ??

Lesson 2: Love Makes a Family ?

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This is part of the series 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life.


First, first comes love. Then comes marriage.

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.


Anyone else sing this ditty as a girl? I most definitely did. However, what’s SO clear now is that my happily ever after would veer from what was hoped or expected for I.

Instead of a prince, I would find my non-dress-wearing, gender non-conforming princess to love. More of a delicate flower grounded with strong roots. My very own cherry blossom tree.

In fact, that’s where she proposed on a spring day in D.C. under our very own cherry blossom tree. Ironically (or serendipitously) to the West, where we’ve planted our roots, of the Washington Monument amidst the world-renowned Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Although Steph didn’t get down on one knee (thank goodness!), she thought it would be funny to do so after the fact ?

I had an inkling all day. The woman who couldn’t sit still on the lookout for the perfect place to sit. Well, knell post rap. Yep, she proposed to her on beat solidifying she was my one.

Before our first marriage, the non-legal binding one in July 2011, I would question that love. Not hers of I. Instead the love for myself and how willing I would be up to the challenge to tackle and heal the darkness of my soul. Because with light, darkness is sure to fall. Mine just before “I do.” Or in our case…

I do…it because it’s the least I can do.

I do…it because I learned it from you.

I do…it because I want to.

This our final vow. A shoutout to our righteous babe love pulled from lyrics of Ani DiFranco’s Joyful Girl to conclude our personalized vows to one another. 

Joyfully United | July 3, 2011 Photo Credit: Cara Gardner

While I’ll save the details of the darkness for another day because, in the end, this was not my defining moment but instead my invitation to rise from the ash I had created. Resulting from the unintended consequences of the unhealthy and toxic love I had experienced as the observer of a dysfunctional marriage. All this to highlight…

Love saved me. Love change me. Love made my family possible.

The legality of our marriage (Thanks, SCOTUS just 4 years ago—June 26, 2013!) adding to our rights yet not our commitment. Because I never imagined it would be legal again.

With marriage equality obtained, opening the doors to our next chapter, the dream of the baby in the baby carriage. Aka, really an opportunity to learn all that had been skipped in sex ed when being taught about my body. Unfolding the secret that would lead to the 10-20 percent chance of conceiving.

So, when I chant the call: What makes a family?

And respond with, Love makes a family.

I know in every cell in my body that no truer words were spoken because love my dream possible…

Love for my Truth

Love for wanting more

Love for making changes

Love for believing in the love of another

Love for dreaming the impossible

Love for trusting the process

Love for my family.

No matter how your family is formed. Love is the driving force to building your tribe. Find your peeps and create your own lovelution!

This is my Tribe. My clan. My family.

?✨The Roth’s | Camping, Camping, Camping ⛺️

Our mixed-race two-mama Queer family made with love and intention ? #IntentionalJustice


I’d love to hear in the comments, what makes your family unique?

In lovelution…

? mama j

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