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Mama Mindset Meets The Pride & Joy Project

It’s with much excitement that I share that I have joined…


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Today I Rise with Lessons Learned ?

Today I rise with lessons learned ? MamaMindsetMay2016 ? Day 9: #Mamapreneur || My “Come on, Jillian, Pull It Together” Face ?
MamaMindsetMay2016 ?  Day 9: #Mamapreneur || My “Come on, Jillian, Pull It Together” Face ?
Not gonna lie, yesterday was a struggle for this #Mama + #Entrepreneur ? Tears were shed ? Limiting beliefs returned ?? Fears + truths spoken ? What I know for sure is each day brings a new opportunity to give my best and intentionally pause to make choices of self-love + intent ?
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Hi! I am Jillian “Mama J” Roth. I am Black queer mamapreneur + wife livin’, learnin’, and lovin’ in Berkeley, CA. Today I honor my legacy of being a mamapreneur and give an update on my #60DayMamapreneurChallenge  Never a dull moment!

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