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My Mama Truth: Love Yourself Like a Mother with Intentional Justice™

As a guest on the Mama Truth Show, I share about the profound impact the themes of Intentional Justice™ and Identity have had on her life and the life of her daughter. You’ll love hearing about Mama J recommends we treat justice inside our families and how loving yourself like a mother is key to it all. You can download and listen to the episode on iTunes or watch the recorded video below…


Mama J’s #60DayMamapreneurChallenge | Create YOUR #MamaMindset

Hi! I am Jilian “Mama J” Roth. I am Black queer mamapreneur + wife livin’, learnin’, and lovin’ in Berkeley, CA. While I have had some sort of side hustle since launching my first biz on my 30th birthday (nearly 4 years ago),I have gained the clarity of how I can best to use my unique experience, gifts, and talents to serve. On March 17, 2016, I spent an hour brainstorming my #boldlifeproject wish list (dubbed by fellow mamapreneur Tessa Chittle) and dreaming what it would look like in action. What is my project YOU ask? My bold life project is implementing the 60 days of clarity gained from living each day with small, deliberate action each day (what I have dubbed Intentional Justice™ as I create + name + frame a Mama Mindset™ by sharing the framework with fellow mamas as it is being lived over the next 60 days (May 16 – July 16, 2016) by this Bay Area mamapreneur in the mama juggle raising a toddler and building a business that will sustain my family while loving the adventure of life.

Sending light + love in YOUR journey!





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Mama Mindset Meets The Pride & Joy Project

It’s with much excitement that I share that I have joined…


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