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2017 Total Solar Eclipse Reflections

By no surprise, I was called to the water for Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse…

My eclipse view “clouded” ☁️

The water called  🌊

The experience no less profound 💫

Then she peeked out just in time 🌔

The clouds broke just as the moon was moving East.

Once I realized my experience of totality would be “clouded,” I grounded in the opportunity to feel its effects. And, feel its impact, I did. The emotions I experienced were profound. So clearly felt. It began as a vibration of my heart at the start of the eclipse and concluded with a focused heart 💖

Ready to put my stories on the figurative paper to raise our collective consciousness 🌈✨✊🏽

I recorded this…

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. – Audre Lorde

I plan to share more details of what this looks like in the coming weeks and months, and what this means for YOU!

For now, I’d love to hear about your eclipse viewing experience:

  • How was it? What was magical?
  • What message was revealed to your heart during the total solar eclipse?
  • What dreams rose to the surface?

Tell me yours in the comments👇🏽☀️✨🌚 It’s where the magic happens!

In lovelution 💕 ~ mama j

Lesson 5: Create What YOU Believe In

♥ Part of the Series 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life 

With a commitment for bite-sized + deliberate action today, tomorrow, and every day that I keep putting one foot in front of the other to create what I believe in.

I never imagined being the one to second-guess myself at the 99th hour, yet my worse-case-scenario became reality. We were just over a week away from my two scheduled workshops back in my hometown with only a handful of registered participants. In fact, I was ready to throw in the towel and postpone. So much so that I reached out to my collaborators and asked this, “Tough Q: Do you feel we should still proceed ahead?”

Even so, this is what I truly believed and shared with them, “I stand in this truth: At the end of the day, I know in my heart the right peeps will be in the room and feeling a bit uncertain…”

Even re-typing that I squirm at my resistance as I trail off with uncertainty. Nonetheless, I persisted. The learning in that lesson is for another post…wink, wink 😉 Today’s lesson is about making something out of nothing as the adage goes. Trusting while being lifted up that what you value matters. That there’s a space and place and the right folks ready to grow with you.

However, full transparency. The above was not clear until now, nearly two and half months later. Even as I write this I’m reminded of how far I’ve come in 3-5 years.

You know that favorite interview question: Where do you see yourself in 3 (to/or 5) years?

As I shared in 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life:

When I turned 30 (in 2012) I launched my first biz—Jillybeads 4 Justice—to pursue my passion for jewelry-making and justice. It was the result of wanting to take a leap in owning the reality that I too, like the organizations I had been employed by, needed to diversify my income streams. To say it has been a journey would be an understatement, more like a roller coaster with all it’s twist and turns and moments of hanging by a thread.

With this perspective, I can more clearly see now that my professional path has been one of continued learning and self-discovery to embrace the intersections of my multi-passion spirit and zones of genius as a love leader, equity + inclusion consultant, and data goddess.

It’s at these intersections that I know I can and will bring my vision and mission wrapped into one to life for each of us to Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™ ♥

📸: @micaymj “Heartland Values” by Sue Kalicki at Nebraska Community Foundation

This is the heart and soul of Mama J. Love Consulting.

It’s with a commitment for bite-sized + deliberate action today, tomorrow, and every day that I keep putting one foot in front of the other to create what I believe in.

Will YOU Join Me?

Lesson 4: The Water Calls Me

Part of the Series: 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life

If you have a toddler or older, it’s likely you’ve seen Disney’s Moana at least once. If not, I highly recommend it for many feminist-aligned reasons in spite of Disney’s past. Simply put for brevity, they tackle their princess phenomenon with great one liners, while also honoring the power and importance of our ancestors, storytelling, and honoring one’s truth. As such, it’s on looped repeat at my house in 30-45 minute chunks along with the many of the songs, which are requested for our dance parties or car rides.

In I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors), Moana states…

Who am I?


I am a girl who loves my island

And the girl who loves the sea, it calls me…

Ditto, Moana! As a girl who grew-up landlocked with the closest body of water a “person-made” pond or at best a lake, I like Moana have loved the sea, it calls me. Even living in Berkeley, CA less than 3 miles from the San Francisco Bay only partially meets my call. So, what’s a girl to do? 

img_4684.jpgHead to the central coast for two weeks of beach therapy to warm-up (there’s a hard truth to the saying, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”) to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge.



The water calls me…

The water calls my wife…

The water calls my daughter…

The water calls our family!

Why does the water call me?

Here’s what I know for sure… 

img_4222.jpgMama Ocean’s rhythm + flow 

A reminder of the ebb + flow

Our natural rhythm.

As I flow with Mama Ocean

She invites I to reset

There’s nothing like it

Calling me.


In fact, the first opportunity I had to be on the water during my recent Resetting for the Lovelution, I used it to meditate, to sync up with the beautiful rhythm of Mama Ocean. Much surfaced as I rode her waves. Clarity washing over me with rainbow salt water eyes. Dreams rising up while lost in the magic of only being tethered to my boogie board. 

Water has always had this effect on me. An invitation to wash it all away. Reset. Make connection. Called to my Truth. So, I leave you with this to ponder…

Does the water call YOU? If not, what does?

↓  Let me know in the comments below  ↓

In lovelution…


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