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Resetting for the Lovelution

This week’s post is coming from the road. A flashback to the bite-sized + deliberate daily action taken this week, so a couple days tardy due to all tech losing its charge and then no service. To that, I say,  “Hallelujah” instead of “I’m sorry” because the latter would be untrue. And so…

I’m taking a pause from a post each week going more in-depth of using my identity as a Black Queer Mamapreneur + Love Leader + Wife storytelling and meaning-making into each of the 35 Lessons at 35 Years of Life. All that’s to say, stay tuned for Lesson 4: The Water Calls Me in a little over a week on Tuesday, July 25th. Until then…

What’s on My Mind…

While many of these lessons are inspiring reflection and writing amidst the beauty of the central coast of Cali, it has been family time that has taken front and center. After an unexpected year of experiencing firsthand the unearthing our country’s underbelly, its more important than ever to find ways to reset for the continued lovelution.

What’s a lovelution?

Love is the revolution. A revolution of love. An evolution of love. Love that heals. Unplugging, playing, and losing track of time is what has been on my soul’s agenda. Yes, a privilege. One I don’t take lightly. Therefore, I soak it in a bit more knowing that I’m refueling with intention and love with Mama Ocean and dreaming about what’s to come this Fall.

Here we are jumping for JOY! ? Photo Credit: Natalie Zern

And so, I invite you to contemplate with I…
What can you pause right now? 

What’s calling you? 

What makes you jump for joy?

How can you Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™ ?

⤵️ I’d love to know, so please share your comments below ⤵️

And, I’ll be back with a new post on Tuesday, July 25th ?

In lovelution…


? Love Yourself like a Mother! ? Day 2017

Why I Love Today

Since 2010 when I first hit publish on my inaugural blog post, Love: A Means Toward Freedom, I have honored my admiration and appreciation for love on this day. The same day my parents wed. The same day I fondly remember receiving flowers from my parents at school starting around 3rd grade throughout the duration of my school experience. The same day that during my college years was dubbed “Single Awareness Day” for those of us who got a clear message from U.S. society of not being good enough by not being partnered on this day.

Now as I celebrate my 34th V-Day, I have instead chosen to use this day to remind myself what I love and why I love it, so that I can expand that outwards to those who shower this mama with love throughout the year. As a result, what follows are the building blocks to begin TODAY to Love Yourself like a Mother!

Laying the Foundation of Love with Mama J 

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A Post-Election Invitation


My Pre-Election Vibe

…to Join the Lovelution, Mama!

Her name means “desire”

Where is she in us?

What is time before birth?

~ Anne Waldman

❤  ❤  ❤ ❤  ❤

I have 3 targets on my back…I am Black. I am Queer. I am Female.

I am Black. I am Queer. I am Female.

Over a decade ago, little did I know…

I claimed, framed, and named…

My reality: Triple Treat.

What comes to mind first?!

The ideal basketball position or…

My reality. My identity.

Less ideal, in fact, threatening. So…

What is in my control?

Untangling my own web

In hopes for calling it wack…

The apathy. The depression. The anxiety. The fear.

Our society is mentally ill and…

The work must be done. The work must continue.

I know this path…

I choose love. I will always choose love. mjl_love-candle

Love is revolutionary, an evolution of love…
This lovelution with take…
Bite-sized + deliberate action from each of us ? Uncertainty, yes, maybe. And…

The reality IS the work continues. One foot in front of the other ?

While I want each and every one of us to feel this darkness + pain ? hate + fear despite it being uncomfortable to sit in this place (I know, my experience as a Black queer mamapreneur with mental illness is a testament) and this is where we are…


Check-in with your core

Yep, your heart ♥ Remember, it’s a muscle. Opening and contracting on repeat.

Regardless of politics or who YOU voted for President

What’s the whisper saying…

Could you have done more?

Is it time to have that conversation with a friend or family member?

Both in our families of origins, as well as our chosen ones.

What advantages do you take for granted?

What roles or positions provide an imbalance of power?

As we grapple and then ask again…

How is it possible?

When each and EVERY one of us

Created + nurtured in the womb of a woman

Are unable to trust our source of life?

And then we…

Wonder why in the self-doubt…anxiety…silence that

We struggle to trust one another, let alone ourselves. So…

Let me be clearbully-culprit

Trump is NOT my champion, Mr. Pence.

To be fair, neither is Madame Secretary. So…

What happens when I do not agree with your vision of America?

Now claiming to be a President for ALL Americans!?

Something now being promised, that should have been clear from the start.

America doesn’t become great now that YOU just say so!

The forgotten?

SO that now the forgotten can become the oppressor?

Why should I believe YOU now, Mr. Trump?

No, Donald. You weren’t lucky. It’s called privilege.

White, male, cisgender, heterosexual PRIVILEGE.

And, now we get to see you cheer on more white folks…

While half of the country mourns and grieves being

Unexpectedly smacked by the glass ceiling STILL in 2016.

There are those of us who sit at the intersections,

Ready to step into our power….

Starting with the personal and moving outward…

This is where we start! This is how love becomes revolutionary. Love that evolves our country forward. A country we love and proudly want to teach our kiddos to love and respect what makes us the same AND uniquely different. This difference is what is woven into the tapestry of our country, we ALL call home.

❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤

Time to step into my power – LOVE ❤️ It’s the only way ?  #IntentionalJustice ?

My FIERCE #FamilyVote 2016

Our FIERCE #FamilyVote 2016

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