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Putting on the Brakes: Redefining Self

 In the power to change yourself…
is the power to change the world around you. ~Anwar Sadaf Click 2 Tweet

What a difference two weeks make!!

I have openly shared here about my current experience with transition. In particular, my preparation for two major life events—moving from full-time employment to self-employment while counting down the weeks until I become mama to my first child. I am exhilarated by them both, yet last week was a different story. While I continue to have an optimistic outlook on my future thanks to my core desired feelings that are inspiring what I’m now naming and claiming as my intentional-driven life (thanks a recent Mastermind for which I participated!), I also want to honor the days that are tough and the doubt that creeps in for a temporary visit to replay the negative, self-deprecating stories my inner critic—Yolanda—likes to tell me. Here’s a window into those thoughts:

It’s noon on a Friday and I should be ecstatic I have nowhere I need to be and absolute control of my time, yet I’m feeling unnecessarily frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do next. Earlier this week, I released the pressure I had put on myself to launch my first eCourse on Monday, October 6th*. I didn’t make this decision lightly as I wanted to stay true to my word while honoring this special time in my life that’s currently taking place. Juxtapose those desires with the dream and reality of now being a full-time biz owner, and I saw the writing on the wall that despite all my best efforts to make Discover Your Authentic Sweet Spot happen that failure and disappointment likely lay ahead.

I ended up sitting with this reflection for a bit and ultimately was prompted to reach out to a friend, who informed me that she woke up with me in her head saying, “Embrace Ease.” Oh, the irony! This friendly reminder helped me to break my self-inflicted case of taking myself to0 seriously with laughter was the turning point in beginning to pull myself out of my funk. I ended up taking my own advice (see 5 Keys to Embracing Your Personal Lovelution) by enacting #3: Listen to Your Body and got out of the house to enjoy the beautiful day, the calm of the SF Bay, and the joy that comes from my dog, Badger, running freely off-leash.

Embrace Mantra_Take #2The change in scenery allowed me to gain a fresh perspective and create my own personal mantra that combines both my life and business desires, which I would like to share with you (see image to the right). I share this personal insight in hopes that it serves as just one example of riding the wave of emotions while still in transition. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you manage transition below in the comments.

One Love,

Jillian Sig with Heart




P.S. In case you missed my two poems on love, check them out along with audio versions for download here!

* After some tough self-talk about the feasibility of launching on the original date, I have decided to postpone the launch until 2015. Nonetheless, it’s not earlier to learn more about the eCourse, so please sign-up here to receive more information as it’s available.

Change is Inevitable, So “Use Love”


Today’s #Truthbomb Reminder

We are all love.

Digging deep to let our light shine.

Letting go of the demons—generational pain, current and future doubts.

Making our own rules as we grow and bloom with courage and compassion.

Leading women and girls, as well as those who support them, to their authentic self and voice.

 FREEDOM with confidence!

Click here for a spoken version of this prayer.

With the recent news of Michael Brown and Robin Williams, the continued conflict in Syria, Gaza, and Israel, along with my own personal transitions, I’ve been through a range of emotions the last few weeks. Each prompting me to frame this post differently or to provide a varying viewpoint. The reality, however, is that my current emotional and psychological state is at an intersection of all these things. This intersection is similar to a traffic intersection in which I’m left to choose which direction I would like to go. And then, 2Pac’s Changes begins playing over and over in my head for both it’s continued relevance and reminder that change is inevitable.

Click 2 “Change is a revolution of self.” ~ Ken Wilber via @Danielle LaPorte

Even with a vision and desire to a guide a lovelution, today’s truthbomb (pictured at the right) was a lovely reminder of my destiny (the zen card I pulled yesterday). While my heart  has so much to say, I woke up today feeling that sharing two poems in both a written and audio format was the best gift I could give the world. That said, today’s the day that I can choose to feel overwhelmed and pushed to my limit or instead to feel a calm flow using love. I chose the later and so it is…


the strongest force there is…

it has the ability to transform

to make you step up to the plate

to give more than you thought possible

—bliss , joy, light, happiness, laughter—

these are manifestations of heart’s desire…


Click here for a spoken version of this poem.


Jillian Sig with Heart

Identity: Why the Focus?

As Dimensions Shifts Embracing Love & Compassion

“If you bring forth that which is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.”

~ Gospel of St. Thomas via @Jillian4Justice

J4J Identity Visual_Aug 2014_v.3J4J Identity Visual_Aug 2014_v.3J4J Identity Visual_Aug 2014_v.3Launching a lovelution is just the beginning. Who we are (how we show up in the world to ourselves and others) and the experiences that result have an impact, often defining us.

Identity is the lens that has helped me make sense of who I am and how I view the world. While I came to understand this more philosophically in college and more poignantly in graduate school, my reality exposed me to it much earlier. It’s a toss up of which dimension I experienced first—race or gender; yet what is now clear is how I am seen in the world has influenced my experience.

Whether it was being the only one among my peers with nappy hair (something I now take pride in); or wearing a dress the day we had to take cover due to a tornado, giving an older boy the opportunity to take a peak; or having to choose only one box when asked to select my race on my first standardized test, I can now see that identity played a role. As I move full-speed ahead with envisioning the intrinsic and extrinsic value while I create content for Jillybeads 4 Justice’s first eCourse—Discovering Your Authentic Sweet Spot: An Exploration of Identity (DYASS), my own experiences with identity are surfacing.

In particular, I have gained some clarity on how my mindset shift—5 Keys to Embracing Your Own Personal Lovelution is expanding to a shift in my own identity.  The best metaphor I’ve come up with to express this shift is to say that I can feel the “season” in me changing. I can no longer deny or postpone the fact that my job is ending in two and half weeks, transitioning me to full-time self-employment. While I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks of perceived “stability” with the freedom and responsibility ahead, I’m also struck with the simultaneous transition into my third trimester of pregnancy, which brings with it the exhilarating certainty that my focus will solely be on keeping another human alive in just over three months. In other words, I value my roles (what I would now frame as one of many personal dimensions of identity) as daughter, sister, friend, community builder, and justicepreneur; yet, I find myself turning inward to prepare for my new role as mama.

What began as the traditional tasks of “nesting” (e.g. reorganizing closets and space to make room for the newest member of our family) has become clearing out the emotional and psychological “clutter” that’s associated with the various dimensions of both my personal and social identity.  This is where the raw emotions of self-doubt, hurt, resistance, abandonment, and pain have surfaced leaving me to wonder if I’m truly cut out for this sometimes challenging work I’ve defined for myself that doesn’t always fit into a nice pretty box. Then I’m reminded that I’m not alone in this struggle. And, the struggle and challenge is where the learning happens.

You’re learning all the time. Life is teaching you all the time.” @AniPemaChodron via @Jillian4Justice


In fact, I’m embracing that not only have I lived this content, I have also learned over the last 14 years how to discuss, frame, and explore it. While this lived experience and learning is what will make up the DYASS eCourse, the reality is that this work of exploring one’s identity is never done and I too will be joining you on this journey. Yes, at times this exploration can be difficult and challenging AND it’s exactly what I want to be doing—assisting others to find their authentic voice, tap into their desires, and ultimately, step out and…

BE Courageously BOLD!!! 

If your interested in learning more about Jillybeads 4 Justice’s first eCourse—Discovering Your Authentic Sweet Spot: An Exploration of Identity, then click here.  Humbly, I also ask that you please share the link with those who might be interested in learning more or signing up for the course.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

In solidarity,

Jillian Sig with Heart




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