And, I’m back!

It’s officially been exactly 4 months since my last post. You may be wondering, where have I been and what have I been up to for the last 119 days, which turns out to represent Justice? Coincidence, I think not ?

While I never imagined taking such an extended break from my weekly #TakeActionTuesday posts, the Truth is I yearned to “simply be” with my thoughts instead of crafting them for public consumption. During this time, I have found it easier to document my daily musings over on IG @mamajlove1 as I am doin’ the daily work to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression from within an Oakland charter.

With much action behind me and much action currently transpiring, there’s numerous directions I could take my work. And, I want what comes next to be something we co-create because I’m now owning this is my jam and cultural superpower. That said, please share your thoughts via Mama J’s Input Form.

One of the ideas floating around is a monthly Friday lunchtime masterclass that I’d call the Learning to Unlearn Series. Ideally, I’d love to kick the first one off on Fri, 5/4 at Noon PST. Ready to sign-up? Let me know via Mama J’s Input Form.

While it’s unknown what I’ll post next, I’ll conclude as I did in this month’s Lovegram, the monthly dose of love and intention for the Lovelution Tribe (want in?! join below??) with the word I’m exploring this month—sovereignty—as I meditate (or at least re-ignite my practice) on how inner peace brings fulfillment. This is how I’m currently defining the word:

Sovereignty (noun): Supreme power or authority, guide, or choice maker that includes self determination, honoring, valuing, and respecting ourselves along with knowing we deserve all that from others.

Because claiming our sovereignty with love and intention is the antidote to fear, hate, and dissonance my badass Beloveds ? Take it from Bey! Because intention is everything. Goals are attainable. This is at the ♥ of Intentional Justice™

Intentional Justice™ in Your Life

As you look back on the first two weeks of April and write your intentions for the recent new moon cycle, what are you ready to learn to unlearn and claim in your life?

Seriously ? Because Justice is possible in our lives with bite-sized and deliberate action EVERY damn day!

In lovelution…

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