35 Years Around the Sun

On Friday, June 9th, the day la Luna was at her fullest, I completed my 35th orbit around the sun. However, I felt the shift begin the Monday preceding my 35th rotation. As I reflect on my last year of life, this particular birthday feels significant. Not only am I now 35, but I am also celebrating 5 years of stepping out on a path of entrepreneurship.

When I turned 30 I launched my first biz—Jillybeads 4 Justice—to pursue my passion for jewelry-making and justice. It was the result of wanting to take a leap in owning the reality that I too, like the organizations I had been employed by, needed to diversify my income streams. To say it has been a journey would be an understatement, more like a rollercoaster with all it’s twist and turns and moments of hanging by a thread.

With this perspective, I can more clearly see now that my professional path has been one of continued learning and self-discovery to embrace the intersections of my multi-passion spirit and zones of genius as a love leader, equity + inclusion consultant, and data goddess focused on a mission, vision, and Mama Mindset Mantra for each of us to Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™ ♥

As such, I feel clarity. I feel expansive. I feel generous. The result…

35 Lessons @ 35

On a quest to write my first book, I have been dreaming off the various ways to tell my story knowing that there’s  teachable lessons in everything we experience. Let’s begin in no particular order or connection to the number:

  1. Start Where You Are
  2. Love Makes a Family
  3. Freedom is a Moving Target
  4. The Water Calls Me
  5. Create What YOU Believe In
  6. There’s Always Something to Learn
  7. Change Begins with Your Belief
  8.  It’s a Journey, Not a Race
  9.  Coming Out — Not Just a One Time Event
  10.  Identity is Nurtured
  11. You are the Mama (Guardian) of Your Soul
  12. Find Your Soul Medicine 
  13. Sometimes Sleep is the Best Reset
  14.  Learn Your Cycle Synchronicity
  15. Ride the Wave: Trust & Surrender
  16. Busy & Balance is Bullshit
  17. The Dysfunction of Your Family Does Not Define You
  18. No One Can Heal You, You Can Only Heal Yourself
  19.  The “Woo” Lights the Path to My Intuition
  20. Persistence is My Superpower
  21. Presence is the Best Present
  22. The Path is a Series of Detours
  23.  Only You Know Your Truth
  24.  If You Don’t Have Cash to Pay for It, Then You Really Don’t Need It
  25. When You Feel Out of Control, Simply Step Away
  26. As a Woman, Knowing When You Ovulate is the Secret to Life Itself
  27.  Affirmation is My Love Language
  28.  Let Love Transform You
  29. Pleasure Increases with Intimacy
  30.  Be You!
  31. Asking, “How I want to feel?” Changed EVERYTHING
  32.  Be Your Own Oxygen Mask
  33. Those Who Know You, Know When You Need Them
  34. Replicating the Behavior You Dislike Gets You Nowhere
  35. Everything is Intersectional

In creating this list of lessons, I realized how much I could write on each one with stories that connect to my past and illuminate action for continued progress. As such, I have decided to expand on each lesson over the next 35 weeks. Providing just the outline I need for…

My Commitment to My Writing Dreams

I can already feel the fierceness rising up as I embark on the next year of life, so I am starting a new weekly practice that involves two of my favorite things writing and action. Because I have personally committed to spending the summer to write my book proposal, which includes 1-2 sample chapters, it’s time that I recommit to more writing time. As such, I will be posting a new blog every Tuesday, which will likely take on many formats: photo collages, video, audio, and downloadable worksheets.

Today, Tuesday, June 13th, marks Week #1 with a new post each week resulting in 52 essays by end of my 35th year of life on Tuesday, June. As I mentioned above, the first 35 posts will expand on each lesson learned with a story or reflection on the past to illuminate desired action for continued progress.

Without further ado, Welcome 2 Take Action Tuesday, where I share more the why behind the revised blog vision.

What do YOU think? What would YOU like to know? Tell me below in the comments

In lovelution…

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