img_3112.jpgI love wordplay, Scrabble, Bananagrams, and word finds ♥ Since expanding my vocabulary for the SAT, I have been fascinated by the uncommon words not often spoken yet written or left to academic circles. As such, I have created a handful of concepts that I often reference and are not a common lexicon. Enjoy!

COURAGEOUSLY BOLD :: love + justice + freedom ♥

:: lovingly challenging us to step up and into being our best selves so you can, in turn, be your definition of the best mama, wife, daughter, and friend.

INTENTIONAL JUSTICE :: bite-sized + deliberate daily action in our lives

LOVELUTION :: love + revolution ♥ an evolution of love to find + speak + live Y(OUR) Truth!

:: a generously radical and inclusive change using LOVE to shift the paradigm to one of restorative + Intentional Justice™ that starts with the individual and moves outward.

MAMA JUGGLE :: the attempt to find balance (or some version of it “since center is not the point” ~Zen wisdom) among the various areas of your life while your top priority being to care for Y(OUR) child / children.

MAMA MINDSET :: a growth mindset of intentional choices YOU make daily about motherhood, parenting, and life,

:: Y(OUR) ability as mamas and soul sisters to name it, frame it and claim it. A 3-step process to  identify, normalize, and assert Y(OUR) Truth on motherhood and life ♥

As women and mamas, we need to be reminded that our choices matter.  That self-care is self-love. That self-love + intent is key to modern-day motherhood. This is a Mama Mindset!

MAMA SABBATICAL™ :: The magical (though often challenging) time spent away from formal work responsibilities to focus your attention and love on your newest role and identity as a mama or female parent. Ideally, paid.  Read more here

MAMAPRENUER :: Simply put, mama meets entrepreneur or biz owner (or biz owner, if you prefer). We are often juggling many hats, schedules, and metaphoric balls ♥

These concepts are dynamic and constantly evolving with love 

Much love. Be love. Beloved.

In lovelution…