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Love Leader Mamapreneur

Hi! I am Jillian “Mama J” Roth, multi-passionate love leader meets mamapreneur with an interdisciplinary approach to how I love + live + learn in Berkeley, CA. I am a Black queer mama + wife lovingly + patiently raising the emotional quotient for growth-minded mamas, parents, and any citizen of the world armed with love + intent to resist the status quo. Using identity as a starting point to unlock your authenticity, I guide YOU through a journey to explore the various dimensions of your personal and social identity to know and love yourself the way you dream and deserve.

I Am…

Driven by Intentional Justice™ + Revolutionary Love, I use my persistence and understanding of humans and organizations to explore identity as a tool to build relationships and community. I have been doing this work for over a decade exploring my identity, going deeper, and showing up as my authentic self. In other words, using bite-sized + deliberate daily action to love myself the way I dream and deserve with Intentional Justice

What follows are the three ways I bring my love leadership to the world:

Equity & Inclusion Strategist

I facilitate Intentional JusticeMindset Talks & Parent Engagement workshops, as well as custom interactive sessions to help participants explore the dimensions of identity, realize their cultural capital and strengths, and learn how this knowledge can empower their own lives to take bite-sized + deliberate daily action.

The result providing the foundation of self-awareness to empower YOU to…

Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice

Most institutions set the intention for social justice, for equity, for inclusion, yet don’t really know what that looks like in the day-to-day. How do you empower students and the adults who serve them? How do you empower faculty, staff, and leaders to do this work every day?  That’s where I come in…

Want to Learn How to Bring Intentional Justice™ to Your Business, Educational Institution or Organization, as well as Your Kiddos School? Start with Intentional Justice™ in Action

Mama Mindset Coach

Our worth as women is not defined by our status as mamas  ♥ nor by our expression of gender. Mama J welcomes and celebrates the diversity of gender expression and identities of women. We stand with our trans and gender non-conforming community members.

Mindset (noun): the established set of attitudes one holds

While I acknowledge, affirm, and honor the various ways we can and do become mamas and parents, I use the transformative experience of my own conception, pregnancy, birth, and Mama Sabbatical™ journey (using an array of tools including The Desire Map) to guide growth-minded mamas, parents, and any citizen of the world armed with love + intent to resist the status quo on a journey of self-discovery to name, frame, and claim you own Mama Mindset.

Want to learn how to work with me 1:1? Start here.

Photo Credit: The Pride & Joy Project

The Pride & Joy Project

Tech Maven

Since accessing a MacIntosh computer to play Oregon Trail at a friend’s house, I have gravitated towards technology. To this day, I still find myself curious to explore a new app or software with the same zest of my youth as the go-to tech / software person to explain this or that in every 9 to 5 position I have held past and present. Then, I started talking with busy mamas and mamapreneurs and the need was clear––individualized support.

Let Mama J be your guide during a Tech Consult Session 4 Busy Mamas + Mamapreneurs.

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I look forward to hearing from YOU to chat about how to…

Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice

Photo Credit: Kat Ma Photography

Photo Credit: Kat Ma Photography

In lovelution…

♥ Mama J ♥

Let me help you uncover your authentic self to…

⇓ Love Yourself like a Mother! 

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Lovelution: A Journey to Self ♥ is a memoir being written week-by-week as I take bite-sized + deliberate action each Tuesday toward my writing dreams as I reflect on my journey of using love + intention to create the life I dream and deserve.

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