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In a world that seems increasingly unjust, how can we fit daily deliberate actions that allows each one of us to tap into our most authentic selves?

How can we intentionally live in a way that IS just? Not only for ourselves but to teach it to our children, to live authentically in our communities, our diverse world?

That’s where Intentional Justice™ comes in…

What is Intentional Justice™?

It’s bite-sized + deliberate action….today, tomorrow, and every day! Over time, these baby steps mold into what Mama J has dubbed the “Mama Mindset” in turn supporting YOU to Love Yourself like a Mother! with  Intentional Justice™

Learn more below…

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Grab Mama J's Intentional Justice™ Identity Activities & Guide

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When YOU say, "YES!"

You'll get access to Mama J's...

Intentional Justice™ Identity Activities & Guide

With two activities to explore the dimensions of your identity along with a 4-page reference guide to frame the work and provide definitions to key social justice terms and concepts.

This bite-sized + deliberate action will unearth your cultural superpowers, creating a Intentional Justice™ in your life sentdirectly to your inbox for download.

Plus, you'll join a group of like-minded Justice Seekers & Warriors: leaders, educators, parents, and open-heated citizens of the world ready to take bite-sized and deliberate action today, tomorrow, and every day.

This is #IntentionalJustice ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

In lovelution...

♥ Mama J

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